Art & Product Photography

Artist- "Before you submit your work to juried shows, galleries or collectors, you need to have really great images. This is your single most important expenditure as an artist. If your work is not photographed professionally, or well, you will never get the recognition you want, or your work deserves." - Sylvia White -Artist Career Management -( )

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Tom Coleman
Photographed for my 1st of many
Ceramic Monthly Geil Kilns Ads.
Leopard Spot Carbon Trap Shinos.

This was the shot that started it all.


Geil Kilns Ad
Ceramics Monthly


Ruby Serben
This piece got 3rd place in

Amy Kline
Craved Porcelain
These next 3 images are from a project of 10 pieces.


My Challenge & Goal was to produce
dramatic images that incorporated the shadows of the pieces as a important visual element.


Shooting white pieces against a graduated
background and maintaining the detail
in the pieces can be difficult.
It was a very satisfying and successful project.

Heidi Kreitchet
Wood Fired -Ceramics
One of my Favorite Pieces I've photographed
from Heidi's collection


to see more check out
Heidi's website at:


Teresa Testa



Elaine Coleman
Frog Platter

Gene Killian
Photographed for the Geil Kilns Ad

Ad for Ceramics Monthly

Tom Coleman
Crystal Matt Piece
Changing the angle of the shot
can change the personality
of the piece.

Sandy Smith aka Zazu



Michelle Boudreaux




Barbara Gomez


to see more of Barbara's work

Amy Kline

Taken for promotional postcard


This was one of the 1st promotion
postcards I did for Amy

Bill Gossett


Geil Kilns Ad for Ceramics Monthly

David Porras



promote pottery sale.

Pier Marsh
Blue Mugs Gas Reduction


Amy Maeda
Shot Glasses
My goal is always to create
an invisible energy between
the items.


Patrick Horsley

Pete Liapes
Stoneware Clay Sculpted Face
This piece stands about 24" + Tall



Xavier Gonzalez


Heidi Kreitchet
Wood Fired -Ceramic
New Work from Heidi
Woodwork by Larry Wright



Bob Cranley
Wood Sculpture




Bob Cranley
"Shell Serving Board"
Wood Craving



Bob Cranley
"Female Bust"
Bronze & Wood



Steve Weaver



for Steve Weaver

Heidi Kreitchet
Wood Fired -Ceramic



Upper Deck Sports Memorabilia
Photographed for Catalog and Website Purposes





Shooting original artwork to
reproduce not only the
painting accurately ...


but also photograph the frame
in a way that accurately
represents the type of frame.





This car is about 2".


Die-Cast Products